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Refrigerator Repair in Alexandria, VA


At Dr. Appliance, Alexandria - VA, Our technicians prioritize respect, care for your home, delivering outstanding service for broken Refrigerator.

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Need Refrigerator Repair? Schedule Your Refrigerator Repair Service Now!

At our company, we take care of refrigerators of all models and ages, from traditional ones to the most modern and elegant Side by Side.

With speed and efficiency, we are ready to ensure that your appliance works flawlessly.

Whether it’s your Samsung refrigerator that needs repair, the Frigidaire freezer that isn’t freezing, a Samsung fridge with a malfunctioning water dispenser.

A Kenmore Refrigerator that powers on but doesn’t cool, or even a GE Refrigerator with a non-working light, Ge Refrigerator making ice but not dispensing.

A non-functional GE Fridge front panel, a malfunctioning Amana refrigerator fan, or a situation where the Fridge isn’t cooling but the freezer is working, or perhaps it’s the fridge door that won’t seal

It could also be that your Fridge’s ice maker is leaking water, or even worse, your Fridge is leaking water on the floor.

Maybe your Frigidaire Refrigerator isn’t making ice, but the water works, or the Fridge just won’t start.

Let’s say, for instance, that your Kenmore ice maker isn’t working, your KitchenAid Refrigerator isn’t making ice.

Your Refrigerator is leaking, your Maytag Refrigerator is leaking water, which can damage your floors. 

Perhaps your Refrigerator and freezer aren’t cooling at all, the Refrigerator evaporator fan starts and stops.

The Refrigerator doesn’t defrost, the Refrigerator and freezer aren’t getting cold enough

Your Whirlpool Fridge isn’t making ice, the Whirlpool Refrigerator isn’t cooling, or even if it’s a 20-year-old Refrigerator that’s not cooling.

No matter what’s wrong with your Fridge, our technicians are ready to save you from the headache and frustration of not having your fridge running as smoothly as new.

Our Services Include:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Repairs and Fixes
  • Installation

Whether your refrigerator needs an upgrade or needs to be fixed, our team of specialized and experienced technicians is ready to meet your needs.

Solve your refrigerator problems today! Schedule a technical visit right now and put your appliance in the hands of qualified professionals.

Refrigerators usually have a long lifespan, and our Refrigerator Technical Assistance is here to keep them running perfectly.

With our services, you can avoid the expense of buying a new appliance.

Why Choose Our Refrigerator Technical Assistance?

  • Fair and competitive prices in the market
  • Guaranteed quality in all services
  • Commitment to complete customer satisfaction

Trust in our expertise in Refrigerator Technical Assistance and Repair. Whatever the brand, model, or issue, we are here to meet your needs with excellence.

Contact us now and keep your refrigerator in perfect condition. Your appliance and your wallet will thank you.

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Parts 1 Year Warranty

100% Original Parts

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